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About Investing Pathways

Investing Pathways is an educational site designed to benefit persons who would like an introduction to investing. Registration with Investing Pathways gives you full access to articles and information from the following areas of this site:

Investor Classroom

Step-by-step lessons that provide insight and understanding on a variety of investing topics, with quizzes at the end of each mini-course to gauge your knowledge.


Portfolio Observer

An ongoing, proprietary research effort that is conducted by the American Association of Individual Investors to monitor and report on the recommended asset allocation and diversification strategies for 401(k) participants.


Investing Basics

Our investing basics area provides unbiased investment education, resources and tools designed to make you a successful investor.


Personal Finance

These "must-read" articles act as your own personal guide to the ever-changing world of personal finance.


Stocks and Funds

Our stocks and funds area is an unbiased educational resource for anyone interested in stock and mutual fund investing.

In addition, Investing Pathways offers a free E-book called Investing Basics...and Beyond, as well as an informative biweekly e-newsletter called the AAII Investor Update.

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