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The Investor Classroom provides a step-by-step understanding of important investment ideas and techniques. Register to access an Investor Classroom "mini-course" today!

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Setting Up an Ongoing Investing Program

Dollar cost averaging and value averaging provide a clear path for investors to follow.

First Steps to Successful Investing

Need help getting your foot in the door of the investing world? A few simple concepts lay the groundwork for establishing a portfolio that fits your needs and goals.

      Balancing Your Return Ideals With the Realities of Risk

      Know Thyself: How Your Needs Will Steer Your Decisions

      Dividing Your Assets Between Stocks, Bonds and Cash

      Slicing Up the Stock and Bond Pies

      Making Your First Investments

      Setting Up an Ongoing Investing Program

How to Judge a Stock

Checking out the merits of a stock as a potential investment can be a daunting task. Our Valuation Worksheet simplifies the process so that you can easily determine what any stock is worth.

      Placing a Value on a Stock

      Collecting Basic Data on a Stock

      Evaluating Dividend-Paying Stocks

      Evaluating Growth Stocks

Choosing the Best Fund For You

With thousands of mutual funds to choose from, how do you narrow the field? Knowing the right questions to ask, and where to find the answers, will allow you to focus on the funds that are right for you.

      What You Need to Know: The Nine Essential Fund Facts

      Researching Funds Through the Internet

      Tips When Looking at Funds

      Getting to Know a Fund's Manager: Question to Ask

      Breaking a Tie Between Funds


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