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Our goal at is to offer you the best investor education in a simple and secure manner over the Internet. From time to time it is necessary to gather member information in order to provide an investor-friendly service. To improve our Web site, we regularly track usage through log analysis to understand how our users, in aggregate, are using the site.

We request your E-mail address as part of the registration process for the AAII Investor Update E-Newsletter. Your E-mail address is secure and will never be released to any third party. On occasion, you will receive unique offers, such as discounts on financial products and services available from the American Association of Individual Investors and other content providers.

The information we collect through log analysis is not specific to any one user and remains confidential. This information is used to determine popular areas of the site by measuring clicks and the length of time a member spends on a page. We keep track of this data for determining trends and statistics internally.

AAII’s Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small text files that are created by a Web server and stored on the hard drive of your computer. These files store and retrieve user preferences. Once you visit a Web site, the server will scan your hard drive to verify whether you have a cookie with predefined preferences for that site/server. The file is stored in a subdirectory of the browser directory. The cookie subdirectory will contain a cookie file for each Web site you've been to that uses cookies. This enables customization and personalization of different Web sites.

How does AAII use cookies?
AAII uses cookies in order to store your user name and password. We do not use the cookies to retrieve personal information for marketing or distribution purposes. However, if you do not allow cookies to be used you will not be able to log into the site.

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